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    We like civil discussion here, and we DO NOT appreciate it when people attempt to hijack civil discussions.

    When you make a personal attack against another member in public, you are taking a discussion out of one of ideas and into one of personalities. You are also wasting the time and attention of those who are not involved in your battle. Calling another person names is a sure sign you have no arguments left to make -- DO NOT do it.

    Bottom line: Keep your comments focused on the issues, not on other commenters or the subjects of stories.

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    • One that has little or nothing to do with the subject of the article.
    • One that has little or nothing to do with the current conversation.
  • Quoting offensive comments can set you up to be deleted yourself

    This rule is tricky: If we delete a comment, and you have replied to that comment, to get rid of the offending comment we need to delete your comment as well. That means your excellent response will have to go. Paraphrase or refer to the poster in order to rebut those thoughts. Even better: Flag the comment you are replying to, and save yourself the time.

  • Take advantage of our private messaging functionality

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    • Publishing information about someone's family without their permission.
  • Signing up multiple accounts is not allowed

    Multiple accounts are often used by those who want to avoid being banned. If we ban you temporarily, that means we want you to take a break from the site. If we ban you permanently, that means we DO NOT want you to write anything more on our site.

  • Be truthful

    Comments that falsely state or otherwise misrepresent your affiliation with a person or entity will be removed. Comments that fabricate, deceive or mislead will be removed.

  • DO NOT infringe on copyrights

    DO NOT post a comment that infringes any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright or other proprietary rights of any party.

  • DO NOT spam us

    If you write or post something that constitutes or contains affiliate marketing, link referral code, junk mail, spam, chain letters, pyramid schemes, multi-level marketing schemes, or unsolicited commercial advertisement, we will remove your comment.

  • DO NOT post links to Not Safe For Work (NSFW) sites without warning

    For our sake, and the sake of our readers of our site, DO NOT link to Not Safe For Work (NSFW) information without warning others it is NSFW.





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